Aware – Graydon Gallery

Brisbane Artsworkers Collective (BAC) is comprised of 6 artists brought together by their day jobs in the arts industry – facilitators, support workers, curators and administrators. The fundamental link between group members is that they are all practicing artists who work to support the creative expression of others.

This year BAC will work with the theme AWARE, exploring attention to detail – amplification, intensification, magnification. An integral part of the artistic process is sharpening one’s senses to perceive the intricacies of life – the small, the banal, the overlooked, the under-appreciated, the misunderstood. By becoming aware of diversity in individuals and the environment the artist is able to hone in on the lesser muse and bring to light the hidden richness of the world around us.

Brisbane Artsworkers Collective breathes new life into that which we habitually disregard. AWARE will transform our thinking and allow us to see things as if for the first time.


Artists: Rachel Gaffney-Dawson, Genevieve Camille Jackson, Alithea Josaphine, Elysha Rei, Michelle Richards and Charlotte Tegan.

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